LFP in American Libraries Magazine!

This month’s issue of American Libraries Magazine has two articles referencing LFP, and several others pertaining to privacy and police. There’s even an article written by an LFP members about teens and facial recognition. (A program I’d love to emulate at my library when the pandemic is over).


thanks for sharing this, shelley! i love the facial recognition workshop, too – it’s really similar to one i created alongside a privacy collective for processing community day 2019 in LA – My Face is My Own! : Helping Kids Beat Facial Recognition Software with README.

more details are here: https://day.processing.org/pcd-la-tracks.html

happy to talk off list about what we did if you want!

thank you for sharing this @shelley! I’m super proud of the work that @Maty_C has done across the board, but definitely this project in particular is exemplary. I really hope you do emulate this program someday.

@ariel that’s rad that you did a similar workshop! you and Maty should definitely connect.