Library Freedom Project - internationally

Wanted to start a thread to chat about LFP outside the US. What resources are needed? What connections already exist? What would change in different contexts?

In Canada, at least, there aren’t many spaces for systems/digital literacy/privacy/security focused library folks to connect, learn, and organize together. I think this would be really great to create. I’d also love to build relationships with more library workers globally who are interested in these issues. We might be able to get some support from existing library associations. I am not aware of a similar organization to IMLS that funds projects like this, but it might be out there.

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I know more about university grant stuff than library/museum grant stuff, so I’m not as sure of where to apply for $$ off the top of my head

The BC Libraries Cooperative has “micro-grants” that could be relevant

"We are inviting public libraries across British Columbia to apply for funding to support programming exploring the role of libraries in democratic engagement in three thematic areas: climate change, social isolation, and local solutions.

The grants will support costs related to designing programming or making programming more accessible for underserved communities. "

I think the community around the Access Library Tech conference could be a good place to connect with as well
Or to pitch talk proposals coming out of anything people do manage to get done!

some of the funders for Arc Mtl could be worth looking into as well in terms of places that are already known to have given grants to a slightly “edgy” library type project lol though the quebec specific ones will have special Quebec rules ofc

we’d also need to think about research/expanding wiki/etc to have content about Canadian-specific legal stuff, there’s lots of overlaps of course but knowing the specifics of laws around this stuff can be very helpful (especially in academia it’s such a small world and everyone is comparing notes with american colleagues constantly and they sometimes forget that we have e.g. different laws impacting student privacy…


Link for Arc Mtl since it cut me off after two links in the post above!

Thanks for getting this convo started @ajones, and @emily for sharing these resources. I’m tagging in @markswartz who was in LFI cohort 3, and who started a discussion last year among some other Canadian library workers who wanted to be in on something like this. I’m also bumping the email thread with those folks to see if we can all join this conversation together.

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My understanding of how these are usually used is for libraries’ public programming, but good question if they’d fund something like this…

Yeah, I don’t think it’s at all a good fit for a long-term project, but could be good for a one-off or series at a specific library/handling a particular topic? And might help make LFP’s presence in Canada more legible to future funders.

But I guess would also be helpful to understand bigger picture perspective – how would it relate to the original LFP? What would we need funding for exactly? Would there be Canada-specific trainings or just more Canadian involvement in the existing ones? etc. (same Qs would apply for other places of course!)

Hi All! Looking forward to chatting about this. At the end of the third cohort, we had a flurry of activity around the potential for some kind of LFP Canada off-shoot (Alison presented as part of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries webinar series, I created a listserv and we had 1 meeting after the presentation) but that momentum stalled in the fall as everyone was dealing with the increased workload caused by COVID. I’m happy to hear that there are others interested in this! If you’d like to be added to listserv, shoot me an email at and I will happily add you to the list.