Massachusetts Library Assocation is endorsing anti-facial recognition legislation in MA

I put Callan Bignoli of MLA in touch with Kade Crockford, and then Callan brought it before the MLA exec board who unanimously endorsed it. Here is the text of their endorsement letter!

Massachusetts Library Association Endorsement of S.1385 & H. 1538

Friday, June 14, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

The Massachusetts Library Association (MLA) Executive Committee voted unanimously during their June 14, 2019 meeting to endorse Massachusetts legislation that would provide for a moratorium on face surveillance.

MLA supports S.1385 & H.1538, presented by Senator Cynthia Creem and Representative David Rogers. Librarians have always been concerned about intellectual freedom and patron privacy. This bill will allow for more conversation about a complex issue that affects all of our fellow residents in the Commonwealth.

Please join MLA in supporting this moratorium on face surveillance.


William Adamczyk

MLA, President

Milton Public Library, Director


Thank you - I am going to reference this when I talk to my union e-board folx about the issue.

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Thanks for sharing. I can bring this to the Georgia Library Association board.

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If NJLA can still tolerate me, I’ll bring it to them as well.

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Now that the New York legislative session has ended, I wonder if NYLA has this on their radar. I have a call with them in a few days and I can ask then. Is anyone else here active with NYLA?

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Does anyone have examples of state associations opposing facial recognition w/o active legislation to support in their state. I’d love to be able to bring an example to GLA, but I’m not aware of any active legislation in Georgia that we could support.

@Gittemeier Massachusetts! Somerville MA just passed an anti-facial rec ordinance and MLA came out against facial rec. The language they used is here on this thread: Facial recognition action ideas and planning

I’ve pushed this to NJLA’s executive director as well as the leader of the public policy committee, I’m going to leverage myself and the work done before to hopefully get NJLA to come out as MLA did. I’m also trying to go about figuring out the local politics in my area to get my township on board as well.

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Good News

week 9 should help with that!