My notes from the facial recognition convening

Hi folks,

A few weeks ago I attended a Face Recognition Strategy Convening held at New America in DC. Below are my highlights from the meeting:

The invite list was long and expansive, mostly people from advocacy organizations. Some of the orgs represented: various ACLUs, Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP), Color of Change, Free Press, Mijente, Secure Justice, Stop LAPD Spying, Center on Privacy and Technology, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Detroit Community Technology Project, and Muslim Advocates. Folks there that you all have met through LFI: nash from EFF, Kade from the ACLU of MA, Freddy Martinez (our sysadmin), and Brian Hofer from Secure Justice/Oakland Privacy.

The agenda was simple – we started with a discussion of the various success stories and lessons learned from different campaigns, then talked about making strategic choices between bans, moratoriums, and rules. Then we discussed coordinating local, state, and federal strategies. Then I attended one of two breakout sessions – mine was on changing the narrative about surveillance and safety.

Overall, I didn’t really learn THAT much at this convening, but tI think that’s because I’ve been following this issue so closely. I was still glad to be in a room with all the major players working on these bans, and I left feeling invigorated about the work we’re all doing.

My unedited notes are here:

Let me know if you want me to explain anything in there. They’re too long for me to update right now!