New Jersey Library Association Conference Proposals

Heya everyone, long time no chat. Sorry for being a bit M.I.A., but I want to see if anyone is interested in submitting a proposal or two with me for NJLA 2020.

Here’s the link with more info:

I was asked to submit one on facial recognition issues, but I’d be more than happy to add an LFI-focused one as well!

Let me know!


first I just wanna complain that it was near impossible to find the dates and location for this conference. took me like 10 clicks. still don’t know the location!!!

anyway, can I be on the face rec one? actually can I be on both

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Yeah, their site is not great…took me forever to find it any I’ve used the site before.

Anyway, to answer your question, yes. I’ll definitely include you in both. I’m going to start working on those proposals in a week or two so there will be plenty of time to go over what we want to discuss. Maybe we’ll get NJIT on the panel for face rec since they already installed it in their library and I’d like to see y’all go at it hahaha

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I’m proposing a session for work, so there’s a chance I’ll be there! I’d love to help out and/or talk about LFI!

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great! @_TJ what’s left to do?

We’ve got about a month to get them settled, but I was thinking of putting in two proposals, one on facial recognition and one on LFI.

Right now I just need to make sure we have enough people that are cool presenting, which is why I posted here since there are so many people pretty close to New Jersey.

I’m going to write up panel descriptions and such modeled after what we’ve already proposed for other panels.

So, right now, I’m just looking to get more people on board. I’ll be asking around but if anyone in LFI knows someone interested, please send them this way. Or they can email me directly []

I can do both. We can probably get enough people from both cohorts to do these. Send me the descriptions when you have them written up please!

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Will do! =)

I’m going to start working on description for two proposals (working titles [descriptions can only be 75 works so I’m trying to keep it short and sweet):

Title: The Work of the Library Freedom Institute

Description: The Library Freedom Institute is a collection of passionate librarians whose work focuses on privacy and education. This amazing group of libraries are focused on teaching both other librarians and patrons about the various and complicated world of privacy activism. From the basics of password creation to power mapping institutions and everything in between.

Title: The Joy of Facial Recognition

Description: Facial recognition is in the news frequently these days and it’s important to understand the issues that surround it. From monitoring citizens to working with advertisers the power of facial recognition cannot be understated. Join this panel as they talk about following in the footsteps of cities like Oakland and Somerville and their work on banning facial recognition

TJ, just use the existing descriptions from other talk proposals. Here’s one for facial recognition:

Fighting for intellectual freedom at the new digital frontier: facial recognition software and its discontents

Facial recognition refers to the power of algorithms to scan our faces and identify exactly who we are. This dystopian software is becoming all the rage among law enforcement, landlords, bosses, and other entities who want to use technology for control. Fortunately, groups like the ACLU and community organizations have fought back hard, securing bans on facial recognition in cities like San Francisco, Oakland, and Somerville, Massachusetts. But the fight is far from over, and we need librarians to get to the front. Facial recognition threatens our core values of intellectual freedom and privacy because it is such an invasive technology that’s often used in public places. It makes decisions based on racist and otherwise discriminatory data, and is starting to use new pseudoscientific methods to try to ascertain feelings and moods from the faces it detects. Join members of Library Freedom Project on this panel to understand how facial recognition works, how it’s at use in our communities, and how the librarian community can join the fight to protect our patrons from this invasive technology.

Here’s one for LFI:
Library Freedom Institute: Grassroots Privacy Advocacy & Education

Founded in 2017, Library Freedom Institute (LFI) is a partnership between Library Freedom Project and New York University to teach librarians the skills necessary to thrive as privacy advocates, from installing privacy-focused software to influencing public policy. In this panel, members of LFI’s first cohort from public libraries from across the country will discuss their accomplishments and challenges one year after the completion of the first LFI.

FYI, neither LFP nor LFI uses leading “the”. It’s Library Freedom Institute, not The Library Freedom Institute.

Works for me, we just need a couple more people to sign on to be on the panel. Obviously I’d love to have some more cohort members join us!

@_TJ can you ask the people in NYC? they’re the closest.

Sure thing.

I’m interested but I may be at another conference that same time.

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Right now, I’ve gotten 4 people interested: Myself, Alison, Michelle, and Junior (who may be unavailable). If anyone else in the area is interested please let me know as soon as possible. I’m trying to have everything submitted by Thanksgiving.


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let me know what help you need TJ

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I’m going to use these descriptions so I’m pretty much all set, I just want to make sure everyone who wants an opportunity to participate gets a chance. I think 3-4 of us would be great. I know @michellenitto and @jtidal expressed interest and I just want to make sure no one else in the area is itching to talk!

I can try to get reimbursement for people travelling, but they are kind of stingy with that. I’m cool splitting a room with a couple people if we get something big enough, I have to pay my own way so I don’t mind sharing.

I’m going to have them submitted on Thanksgiving so I’ll have a distraction from family ha.

People interested, if you have any questions/comments/concerns let me know. I’m going to link the proposal page here so people can review it and see what they may need to add by way of reimbursement.


These are the two proposals I’m working on submitting this week. Last call for anyone who is interested, I think the following are so please confirm with me, and let me know which one you are interested in (or both!). @jtidal, @tesskwilson, @jefflambert, @CarolynGlauda, and @alison

I’m totally cool with more people wanted to get on board, I just need to know asap so I can make sure everything is free and clear to submit. I know myself and Alison are interested in both, but I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to talk if they are so inclined. Please reply here or email me:

If you know anyone from Cohort 1 who’s interested, spread the word, I didn’t want to spam the email threads.

Thanks for putting this together, TJ. I would be interested in the facial recognition panel.

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Submissions are due on the 30th, so I’m going to give everyone the extra day since tomorrow is a holiday, but I need at least three people for each panel.

Right now I have:
Fighting for intellectual freedom at the new digital frontier: facial recognition software and its discontents: @alison @_TJ @jtidal

Library Freedom Institute: Grassroots Privacy Advocacy & Education: @alison @_TJ @CarolynGlauda I like to see one or two more for each panel as that will definitely help our chances.