New stuff on the Github repo, FYI

Just a heads up…

and here’s the booklist!

I’ve included the titles that we’ve discussed already in class as well as some favorites of mine, some that I’ve heard about but not read, and some that I aren’t about privacy directly but are relevant to the themes and content of this class (for example the book “24/7: Late capitalism and the ends of sleep” is not about privacy per se but about the attention economies that April touched on in yesterday’s lecture).

Feel free to edit the txt file to add more! I’ll be adding to it throughout the course.

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Awesome, thanks @alison! I was also wondering if we could make a repository of screenshots of things that could be used in presentations or teaching – for example, phishing attempt pop-ups. If there’s a good repository of those sorts of things that already exists somewhere else, that’s great too.

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I like that idea, @clobdell! I’ll keep that in mind as I start putting stuff together.

@josh @clobdell I created a folder under resources and started populating it with a few things:

@alison, awesome, thanks!