New thread for ALA annual proposals

Here is what I pulled together for session topics in the other thread:

  • General LFI, who we are and what we’re doing. I would like to be on this panel. Howard should definitely review this submission before we send it because I got my last one rejected from PLA. IFC or IFRT sponsor.
  • Privacy talking points which could fit into the ethics convo. SRRT sponsor.
  • Privacy tools and teaching, which would be LITA
  • Powermapping for libraries, which could be another interest group
  • I would love for us to do a higher level tech/ethics talk about our anti-facial recognition work and I would like to be on this panel as well. LITA, SRRT, or IFC could sponsor.

I submitted a panel description about the first topic to @josh to be sponsored by IFRT.

The people from the original thread who expressed interest in doing ALA talks are: @_TJ, @CarolynGlauda, @Steph (who was interested in powermapping), @distanttaxa, @ktrinh-sy (who brought up the idea of doing something about our post-it session on communicating privacy and @BelOutwater and @Julia offered to help ), @nbecwar1, @SymphonyBruce, and @jtidal who are working on the LITA proposal.

I will make new threads for the other conferences.

The LITA proposal that @nbecwar1, @SymphonyBruce, and I are working on has transitioned into focusing on privacy policies of vendors and less about privacy tools/teaching.


So far as I was following the previous thread, @Julia, @BelOutwater, and I are going to work on adapting the post-it exercise into a proposal. I hope I am not missing anyone! Julia and Bel, how should be proceed? Might be helpful to chat by phone/video conference?

Proposals are due Sept 10, so there’s not a ton of time!

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Yes, I think it would help to set up a meeting time. I am going to be out of the country from August 24-September 7 so I won’t be super helpful during that time (I’ll be checking email occasionally) but I’d like to help brainstorm and can always read anything when I get back!

Before then my availability is:
Any time Monday
Tuesday before 10:30am PST
Thursday before 2:00pm PST
Friday before 10:00am PST

Feel free to email myself and Alison and we’d gladly look it over and give you a hand sprucing things up! What section are you hoping to have it sponsored by?

I think we had said SSRT for this one.

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I just got off a call about proposals, we want to make sure they are coming in, if you and your group are interested please email or post the submission information here. We don’t have long before things are due, and we want to make sure we have time to review. If you have any questions please let me know!

who is we?!?!?!!!

We is whoever is interested! Sorry for being vague, but IFC Privacy Subcommittee definitely wants to sponsor some panels. I was trying to bump the thread and get some more information on what other people are working on, I think we’ve only gotten detailed information from @jtidal

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I meant who is the we on the phone. But you answered that too. Were you going to be on any of the panels TJ? Also I thought Junior’s idea was going to LITA? Would IFC be interested in a panel about facial recognition and intellectual freedom? Cause if so I can write up something if other people are interested in doing that with me.

Ohhhh hahaha, IFC Privacy Subcommittee. Erin Berman wants to get some submissions from us (among other things). Junior is going to LITA as far as I know, but I want to make sure we cover IFC and SRRT as well. I think we have a lot of potential for quite a few submissions (there are 31 of us!) so I want to get LFI out there and advocating for all the baller work we do.

I’m more than happy to either be on panels or moderate (or both). I can definitely help write some things up.

Yes, @nbecwar1, @SymphonyBruce and I crafted a proposal for LITA.

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Just wrote this up real quick @_TJ, ready for feedback:

Fighting for intellectual freedom at the new digital frontier: facial recognition software and its discontents

Facial recognition refers to the power of algorithms to scan our faces and identify exactly who we are. This dystopian software is becoming all the rage among law enforcement, landlords, bosses, and other entities who want to use technology for control. Fortunately, groups like the ACLU and community organizations have fought back hard, securing bans on facial recognition in cities like San Francisco, Oakland, and Somerville, Massachusetts. But the fight is far from over, and we need librarians to get to the front. Facial recognition threatens our core values of intellectual freedom and privacy because it is such an invasive technology that’s often used in public places. It makes decisions based on racist and otherwise discriminatory data, and is starting to use new pseudoscientific methods to try to ascertain feelings and moods from the faces it detects. Join members of Library Freedom Project on this panel to understand how facial recognition works, how it’s at use in our communities, and how the librarian community can join the fight to protect our patrons from this invasive technology.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn what facial recognition technology is and the basics of how it works
  • Learn about the uses of facial recognition in our community
  • Learn how facial recognition violates the core ethics of librarianship, like intellectual freedom and privacy
  • Learn about how librarians can resist the use of this technology and join ongoing efforts to create local bans

Here’s a basic rundown, anyone interested in speaking or moderating or suggesting changes please let me know. It’s a pdf so I can’t make changes on it, so please add them as replies to this comment so I can keep them all in place:

TJ, should we partner to make our LITA submission stronger? (The one that I am working on with @SymphonyBruce & @jtidal). One of the questions that LITA asks on the submission proposal is to list any contributors to the session proposal, and since our idea is a spinoff of Erin’s lecture, we thought it may be a good fit.

Let us know what you think. -Nicole

What I would recommend is going to the submission site (I think you need to be an ALA member) and create the document to the best of your ability, then print it out so we can review (like my message above). Just don’t submit anything and we’ll be able to give a lot of feedback that way. We can discuss partnering, but I do think your topic is very strong on it’s own merit. Still, anyway to make these things happen are good to me.

@Julia, @ktrinh-sy, do you guys want to meet Friday at 9:00 am PST (noon EST) to talk? I’ll go to the submission page and see if I can start a rough outline that we can shape up and get to Alison and TJ for feedback.


That works for me! @alison can we use Zoom before the regular meeting?

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I am the treasurer of IFRT, so if there is anything you want me to talk up at our meetings, I am happy to do it. I have a meeting with the chair and OIF on Friday after our class.

@julia that’s group 1’s regular meeting time, so can you use something else like