New thread for Georgia Library Association conf

@Gittemeier suggested this conference in the other thread and asked @patball and @BelOutwater if they were interested in collaborating.

I am interested. Have you submitted a proposal. If it is Macon I can go because it is one day and I will not have to pay for a hotel. However, I have a lot of deadlines to meet at the moment so anything would have to very focused and direct if I need to work on it.

What I would say about a proposal is that it needs to focus on information that libraries don’t already have. Like the vendor privacy is probably something libraries know about and in particular academic libraries. I would like to focus on training staff to help the public understand what exactly are their privacy rights and how to protect them. In addition, I would model the New York model which is in week one for what staff needs to know to empower the public.

Jessie Rossman from the ACLU will speak to us in a few weeks about privacy rights. Here is her talk from last year (she’ll cover some different ground this year):