New thread for Reaching Forward conf in Illinois

Here is the link to that conference:

And @distanttaxa and @qianaj wanted to work on this together.

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Hi @qianaj! For Reaching Forward I’m suggesting that we submit a proposal quite like the fabulous program description penned by @jtidal, @SymphonyBruce and @nbecwar1 for ALA. Reaching Forward attracts a somewhat different crowd than ALA. Attendees tend to come from more rural communities and are often “jacks of all trade” who play many different roles in their libraries. With permission, of course, I think we could use what they’ve written for ALA with a few minor modifications. The RF proposal deadline is October 18th. I’ve copy/pasted their guidelines below. What do you think? I’m open to anything really. Thanks!

The Reaching Forward Conference Committee is accepting program submissions for the 2020 Conference, which will be held Friday, May 1, at the Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.

Proposals must be submitted using the online proposal form. Incomplete proposals can be saved and revised any time prior to the submission deadline.

All program slots are 60 minutes. The conference programming is organized by the following tracks:

  • Advocacy and Funding
  • Collections and Technical Services
  • Community Engagement and Customer Service
  • Diversity and Special Populations
  • Human Resources
  • Ignite Sessions
  • Leadership and Management
  • Marketing and Outreach
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Programming
  • Reference and Readers Advisory
  • Technology
  • Wellness
  • Youth and Young Adult Services

You will be asked to provide the following information about your proposed session:

  • Speaker(s) information
  • Program title and description
  • Program Track
  • Speaker qualifications to speak on topic
  • Learning outcomes for attendees
  • Room setup, preferred time of day
  • Program experience level and format
  • Additional information you’d like to share with the committee

The deadline to submit a program proposal is Friday, October 18.

Reaching Forward provides complimentary registration for conference speakers. Conference speakers who are employed by or a trustee of a library (academic, public, school, special), a library agency, or library school located in the State of Illinois are not eligible to receive an honorarium.


Hi @distanttaxa ,
I think borrowing heavily from @jtidal, @SymphonyBruce, and @nbecwar1’s program description makes really good sense. And particularly because folks might be coming from places where are in charge of everything, I think emphasizing the “easy” things they can do would be really beneficial.
I think this proposal could definitely fail under Advocacy (how and why you might want to talk to your community about privacy protecting tools the library is rolling out. And advocating to perhaps municipal IT why some tools should be installed), Community Engagement, and possibly Diversity and Special Populations.
How do you want to move forward getting the proposal in? Also let me know if you’d want to chat on the phone to pull this together.

That is fine with me if you use/modify our proposal. Good luck!

@qianaj I think a chat over the phone would be a great place to start! My work number is: 847-579-6810 and my cell is: 312-550-1784. Do you have any time, say, next Monday or Tuesday in the A.M.?

Hi @distanttaxa, I’m free anytime today or Tuesday between 9 and 10:30am.

@qianaj how about 9:30?

@distanttaxa Awesome! I’ll give you a call at your work number.

cool - talk to you tomorrow!