New Yorkers and nearby: reminder about Radical Networks

This conference is really cool, and I’m planning to go. Let’s get an LFI contingent together if we can!


This looks interesting! I may attend.

I’ll do my best to get there too.

I might be able to make that work, if only for a day (likely the Saturday, maybe Sunday).

I’m most likely going - I do have a question though that I couldn’t find an answer for on the site: what’s registration look like or is that a thing? Best -:v:t3:

If I remember correctly from last time, they will open registration closer to the date.

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hi everyone,

the registration is open:

@alison i’m wondering if there is LFI funding available for some of the workshops on Friday?

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Yeah we can probably swing that! Let me know which one you want to attend. Cybelle who is doing the Brazil workshop is my former Outreachy intern at Tor! Also Rosaura and Anamhoo are my friends from Mexico City. I did a training with them at Hackfeminist the last time I was there.

Booked it I’m going