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Hey all, I’ve been talking with some friends and colleagues about working together to create some sort of national library worker union. We’re still brainstorming the idea but we did release a small statement on where we wanted to see what kind of support we would get. We’re at about 250 signatures, which is pretty good for our limited reach. But I’m here with an ask. Basically, I’m stuck as to how to proceed next. Once we know there are people interested in this I want to make sure we are diverse. I’m trying to reach out to different orgs that might be interested in helping but I’d prefer some first-hand delivered information into the people we know would be helpful.

I’m working on compiling information on union organizing and things like that. Basically this came about because ALA blows hard on worker’s rights and we need something that represents all library workers and it makes sense librarians would be the ones to do it. This is group is pretty far-thinking so I figured I’d run it by y’all for suggestions.

I’m not really qualified to do it, but that’s not really going to stop me. I haven’t heard much buzz about anyone else giving it a go, and I’d like to try even if we fail.

So basically, are you interested in helping? If not, do you know someone who is? I know we’re all hella busy, but I wanna get hustling.


@_TJ I have a teacher’s union organizer friend, I can reach out to her to see if she has any insight/guidance.

If you could make that connection for me I’d very much appreciate it!

I don’t have any experience with unions, but I’m fully willing to help you research and I can reach out to people on my end as well. I think this would be really valuable if we could get it up and running.

Megan S.

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curious about this as well and interested in seeing where it could go – here are some recently shared resources on the topic :

“Although it is common in many European countries, sectoral bargaining is not yet supported by U.S. labor law, but it is featured in the platforms of several current Democratic presidential candidates.” (* a note – not in Biden’s unfortunately)

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