PLA 2020 Conference, February 25–29, 2020 in Nashville, TN

The team here is starting to plan what programs NPL could do at PLA 2020 which is in Nashville. PLA has tapped some of our admins for key planning roles.

One lazy idea: LFI show & tell panel. Who we are, what we did, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. It could include future LFI cohort members too. Right now myself, @josh, @greK, @AllyM, and @sjbrown are all kind of in the southeast and work with public libraries. Or we could do something not as lazy.

I recognize it is totally selfish of me to suggest a Nashville conference.


I think that sounds like a decent idea. Especially by 2020 we will all have implemented some portion of LFI into our libraries, so we each could talk briefly about that. Either way, I’m willing to help plan and present.

I’ll actually be in Nashville in a few weeks for a LYRASIS meeting. Just as an aside.

I’d be up for this! I’m not sure if I’ll be funded for PLA (much more likely if I’m part of a presentation) but am happy to be part of the planning if not.

I’m up for this as well! I’ll be sure to request funding when the time comes and we can all cross our fingers, but I’m happy to help out any other way even I can’t be there personally.

wow yay I would LOVE to see a group of you doing a panel. I am of course available to help.

Okay, the response is positive. I’ll contact folks off list to coordinate. @alison I’ll try to stay in touch with you about new LFI people that could participate.

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