PLA - Nashville Meet Up ?

Anyone going to PLA in Nashville in February? Want to split a hotel / AirBnB or just meet up for drinks?

@librarianbryan LIVES in Nashville!

if i go will meet you for drinks

I am going and would love to meet up for drinks!

Yes! Let’s meet up somewhere. Such things are not my forte but we should do this.

I will be in Nashville for #PLA2020, Feb. 26 - Feb.28. Would be happy to meet up with any of the cohort members or attend any sessions where cohort members are presenting. Thanks.

2020 cohort person here - I will be there and would love to meet up with LFPeeps.


I totally missed these! Apologies.
James - I actually saw you but didn’t want to bother you.

You should have said “Hello” … You’re the second person who has said that to me. Am I unapproachable? LOL! :blush: