Privacy in college

“Sign up for the new “iClicker Reef,” which comes with a ‘geolocation attendance feature.’ When students show up for class, an app on their phones will indicate their presence.”

How Students Learned to Stop Worrying - and Love Being Spied On

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The more an institution constitutes itself along economic lines, the more likely it is to prize operational efficiency over more abstract and less quantifiable goods, like personal autonomy."


We haven’t gotten to iris scanners (srsly wtf) yet on my campus, but the collection and storage of swipecard data is one thing I keep circling back to, and definitely indicative of the acculturation of surveillance. (You can have free pizza at this event, but only if you swipe in.) It is so deeply tied to regimes of assessment that it can be hard to get folks to disentangle the two.

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targeting hungry/possibly poor students with data collection too. ugh I hate the future.

I will say, the folks who run the unit on our campus that has the food bank and other services for unhoused and poor students are very intentional in how they collect and keep data. Other places on campus I’ve run into more blanket “well, FERPA covers that so we’re fine” responses that ignore the nuance. The assessment tractor beam of the ability to collect data meaning that data should be collected is really hard to resist.