Proposal for ALA Annual 2020

If anyone is interested in being on a panel that discuess what LFI is/does or whatever other topic you liked to propose, please reach out to me and I’ll put together the proposal for submissions. More info on the submission process can be found here:

I spoke with Erin who heads up the IFC and they are willing to sponsor the submission. If you have any questions (which you might since this is a short post that I just wanted to get out ASAP), please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me =)


I’d be interested! I can only get support to go to ALA this year if I am actively part of something, so I’ve been thinking about submitting a proposal.

I know there was some talk about having an LFI panel and it came up during an IFC thread as well, I want to make sure everyone has a chance to talk about their amazing experience.

I can write up any proposal people are looking to submit and send it to Erin for review. I can help brainstorm as well if needed. IFC seemed excited about this so I’d love to make sure we put in something!

Cool beans. I’m about to go into an all-day staff meeting, so I wanted to express my interest in finding a way to represent LFP at ALA before I go offline.

My head is still totally swimming with ideas, and I’d like to start by borrowing ideas from panels I found the most helpful. My favorites were the ones with tangible take-aways and scalable action items, like the one on going beyond the CRAAP test for information literacy instruction. They had a working LibGuide ready to go that they were able to reference their presentation, and then I was able to use that to show to our school librarians a few weeks ago.


I’m definitely down for this! Is there something in particular you have in mind, TJ? I’ll think on it today and let you know.

Not really, I talk a lot about this kind of topic, so I was thinking of the step up/step back community rule and want to make sure it’s not be taking over the panel. That being said, I’m more than happy to help brainstorm ideas. I think the powermapping concept would be good to include, it’s such a powerful tool. Maybe power mapping library boards like Alison suggested during our weekend. But any other ideas are obviously extremely welcome!

This is a fantastic idea. I’d like to speak to why this is important and that librarians/library workers are the perfect people for the job, particularly to answer objections and dismissals of this work.

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@_TJ I’m in. I already have a proposal for PLA that I will send you when I have enough wifi to send email.

We should get some people from cohort one on board too.


@_TJ I’m interested!

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Awesome, let me know if you have an idea for a panel. If not, we can definitely work on something together.

I’m interested, too! My first thought is an abbreviated discussion on the post-it activity we did – responding to privacy questioners. I am open to anything, though. Let me keep thinking …


My suggestion is that we submit multiple proposals for ALA, each through a different ALA unit. Each proposal would cover different aspects of LFI, and each would have different panelists (though there could definitely be some overlap).

For example, a proposal to IFC/IFRT (Intellectual Freedom units) might focus on the generalities of what LFI is. While a proposal to LITA (Library Information Techology Association) might focus on teaching tools for digital privacy. A proposal to SRRT (Social Responsibilities) might focus on why digital privacy is important, and use LFI as an example of how librarians can address digital privacy.

But obviously, if we do do multiple submissions, someone needs to coordinate.


I’m willing to coordinate at least one, I’m on the IFC Privacy Subcommittee and I asked by Erin to coordinate it, I don’t want to take on too much since I want to make sure I can give it my all.

I am happy to coordinate to make sure we don’t get double submissions or whatever, and I will be on whatever panel people want me on. Let’s use this thread for planning. I sent the first cohort this thread link.

@_TJ what do you need to get started?

I’m in also!

Right now, I’m looking for topics. I’d like them to LFI focused, whether it’s about the program, about what what we do, or about what we learned. I love the idea of the sticky note idea where we gather even more feedback, or take what we learned about powermapping (if we have time) and show how it can impact local libraries.

Also, who would like to be on what panels. I’d rather submit more than less, and using this space to coordinate is a great idea, just so we double up on the same idea. There are a few groups who are interseted in us, named LITA and the IFC Privacy Subcommittee (maybe we can ask Erin a bit about it after she talks to us).

Here are some ideas:

  • General LFI, who we are and what we’re doing. I would like to be on this panel. Howard should definitely review this submission before we send it because I got my last one rejected from PLA. I think IFC would be the ideal sponsor.
  • Privacy talking points (@ktrinh-sy’s suggestion), which could fit into the ethics convo. SRRT sponsor.
  • Privacy tools and teaching, which would be LITA
  • Powermapping for libraries, which could be another interest group
  • I would love for us to do a higher level tech/ethics talk about our anti-facial recognition work and I would like to be on this panel as well. LITA, SRRT, or IFC could sponsor.

Excellent spread. I’m wondering if we could get a few people from the cohort to draft proposals and Alison and I can review them. I’m happy to help write them, I’ve done a few and had decent luck, but spreading it out to those who are interested in each topic would be amazing.

I think 5 is a good start (and maybe enough) so if members could pick which ones interest them we can go from there. We have a little more than a month, so plenty of time to write and review them. I’m more than happy to be on any panel, but I want to make sure I make space for anyone else who wants to participate as well.

I’m wicked stoked for this.

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Perhaps Nicole and I could work on the LITA proposal on tools and teaching? She had expressed interest over the list.

It seems that LITA is geared towards emerging tech, so I suggest emphasis on looking at privacy through the lens of AI machine learning, personalized advertising, and analytics.

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Yes, I’d love to set up a time to hear more about what your thinking, and I’d love to work on the LITA proposal.

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