Radical Networks planning thread

Check in here if you are planning to attend [https://radicalnetworks.org](http://Radical Networks) this weekend in NYC!

And then post about what you’re planning to attend.

I’m not going to any of the Friday workshops because I’ll be speaking at the Metro NYC event “Data and the Real World” (@jefflambert and @CarolynGlauda will also be speaking!). I’ll be at the Friday night events tho most likely.

On Saturday and Sunday I think I will likely just go to the talks track, but if I choose a workshop or two I’ll post it here. Here’s the program for everyone: https://radicalnetworks.org/program/


Ah yeah there’s already a workshop I’m going to – on Sunday, laguerraruda’s workshop in the afternoon: https://radicalnetworks.org/participants/laguerraruda/

She’s a Mexican feminist hacker who I know from Tor/Mexico City stuff. It would be cool if more of us attend her workshop too, since she’s up next to Ingrid Burrington who is a famous American and I’m sure people will gravitate to that talk.

hey alison and all,

thanks for starting this thread. i thought i was definitely going to the feminist walking tour on friday but it sold out :sneezing_face:. thanks for making that point alison, i will attend lagueradruda’s workshop. all the talks are going to be archived by the internet society probably too.

my friday schedule:
LocalNet Adventure!! / The Well Bottom
Digital Security: It’s All Soupy
Trust in Waves: An introduction to packet radio
The Curious Case of Internet in Tupiniquins Lands

Resistant Networks with Retro-Tech

networks. an icon set

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Friday: Knicks game, wo hop’s
Saturday: P2P Mind Reading 1:30 p.m.
Sunday: HOTGLUE 10 a.m.

If my train gets in early enough I’m might hit the youth research session on Friday. I otherwise I’m playing it by ear.


Oh yeah Bernie rally in Queens on Saturday at 1130 :grin:

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So Radical Networks was really dope. I’d highly recommend for anyone who is interested in the intersection between art/technology/politics/ecology. A lot of the presentations explored how the internet specifically but computing in general affects our environment.
One project by Sebastian Morales and called ‘symbiosis.live: Bots, Cells, and Humans Watching’ explored a symbiotic relationship between internet bots and microscopic pond life and started with the question “What is life?”. You can see more about it at : https://symbiosis.live/
A great lightning talk from a Dublin IE presenter on the tours they give of local internet infrastructure. They actually bring people to an AWS data center (a cinder block building with barbed wire fencing) and have a picnic.
There were also presentations on:

My main takeaways from the conference were

  • that folx are really exploring the boundaries of what ‘networks’ mean in the sense of being part of or enhancing human perception and connection.

  • The other thread was about confronting computing’s affect on the physical world - surveillance, ecological and environmental debasement, political manipulation and misinformation, inequity; by exposing the physical infrastructure of the internet. If we can see the switching stations, power grids, towers, cables and server farms, the thousands of trucks delivering Amazon packages among us, we can see that the internet is not ephemeral nor is it up in the air. It is earth-bound, it is ubiquitous and it is corporeal. It is capital. Once we understand that we can explore the environmental and political dimensions from new and important material perspectives.
    Uh, so go to Radical Networks if you have the chance. I saw @michellenitto there and we shared a few panels (hi michelle!) I also got another chance to get mounds of egg foo young at Wo Hop’s. Excellent for hangovers. Thanks for reading.

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So glad you and Michelle got to go and enjoy this conference, even if I had to miss it for being sick. I hope we can make it a regular LFP trip. Thanks so much for this reportback.

This is so essential and is so absent from a great deal of the conversation about the internet. It’s why anatomyof.ai resonated with me so much, because it’s making so many of those connections and material realities visible. I’m really interested in why so many thinking people tend to conceptualize the internet as “made of air”, because it’s not just marketing like “the cloud” (though that’s a big part of it). I feel like one of the most important ways we in LFP can contribute to the national and local dialogue and educate our communities is showing how material and physical the internet actually is. @michellenitto is working on a bookmark for her final project showing some of this corporeal internet infrastructure. I think even things like using adblockers and demonstrating how many invisible connections get made when we think we’re visiting just one website can make these things more real to people too.

So much work to do and yet so much opportunity.

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