Revealed: This Is Palantir’s Top-Secret User Manual for Cops

step by step on documentcloud:

Read about Palantir on WNYC this morning and how they are being used in ICE raids. Trump also tweeted about Peter Theil (who has ties to the company) who has suggested that Google is a state traitor to China and that Trump will investigate.

The apps that they have developed are especially disturbing and uses other biometric data besides faces. From Vice:

" Mijente’s documents make clear that Palantir’s technology has supercharged ICE’s operational capabilities. Thanks to Palantir, ICE is able to scan a person’s biometrics (from tattoos to irises) to populate profiles connecting associates or vehicles through “link analysis,” collect fingerprints for an internal case management system (ICM) used to organize raids, and extract data from smartphones even if has been deleted.** Mijente’s document dumps also detail how Palantir’s technology was planned to be integrated into Operation Mega, and how after that raid was abandoned the technology was incorporated into subsequent operations."

I feel that as librarians, we should really direct our privacy awareness efforts to assisting vulnerable populations such as undocumented immigrants.

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