SCOTUS blocks FL felons from voting - can be arrested

Hi all,
My first post, I’m in cohort 4.
I woke up to this and was sad and shocked.
Felons have to pay court costs to vote, but the state has no system in place to determine what their court costs are. And the million or so who legally registered to vote after the lower court ruling are now ineligible to vote but do not know and can be jailed if they try to vote.

This active voter suppression is WILD. I’ve been doing postcarding with Reclaim Our Vote, but I don’t think those efforts will even cover or reach newly, legally registered voters.

@thekimbos while I’m not shocked at the levels of voter suppression, I am shocked about how obvious and blatant it has been. I almost feel like the suppression is normalized, but then there are complaints and concerns about voter fraud. Voter suppression = voter fraud.

Voter suppression - INFOGRAPHIC

With Citizens United, invalidating so much of the Voters Right Act (“There isn’t enough racism to justify it…”), and couple of the recent decisions, John Roberts has overseen the most substantial damage to our electoral system since before the passage of the 15th Amendment.
The worst part is that he just does not seem to care about the long term damage he is doing with these decisions.

“…suppression is normalized…” :point_left:t5: That’s a great and deeply depressing way to put it. What can we do besides shout: THIS IS NOT NORMAL?! I feel like I’ve spent most of my career arguing against “normal” as a concept…I think I’m just out of words. Like, actually running on word-fumes. :no_mouth:

Of all the dick-moves that make me livid, Citizens United is at the top of the list.

Here’s an update. The fines have been paid! I love it when others are up to the challenge:

Black Enterprise More than a Vote & LeBron James helping Florida ex-felons

More than a Vote: Change Isn’t Made by Watching from the Sidelines