Software for the Classroom (Ideas)

Hi y’all - I wanted to create a forum where we could ask for recommendations and offer suggestions for tools that make teaching a class easier.

And I’m going to ask for the first suggestion. Do you have any suggestions for the easiest way to share links with your library class? (These are folks with low digital literacy, and sometimes bad typing skills, so even a fairly easy URL can derail people sometimes.) We teach in a room that has public library computers, so changing the “image” and installing anything that lasts beyond the session requires divine intercession.

If I’m understanding the question, you could create an etherpad with an relatively tame custom url, like, and then put links in there. And though privacy vegans will grimace, you could use a url shortening service to make that url even easier like “library.class” or some such. Alternatively, you could have the etherpad up in a window before class began, then add links in real time.

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The resources at are all meant to make teaching classes easier. I’d browse through some of them and see what looks good to you.

Also, @librarianbryan’s idea is good. You can also create a github repo under your own account that’s like or something. Either one is free and fairly easy.

Yea! Those lesson plans at are awesome. They’ve been helpful as I plan some classes for our members.

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