Summarizing our weekend together!

Hello again! Making commitments at the end of meetings is one of my favorite ways to make certain good ideas don’t go fallow. As I said, I wrote up a summary of the weekend, and I’m going to present it at our staff meeting now. I hope you enjoy looking back as well:

FYI for those of you who are also trying to review… Since I didn’t take great notes, I emailed both Nash and Steph to ask for their presentations. Nash’s aren’t ready for public viewing yet, and Steph’s are on our linked folder here:

edit: The link to my slides is now the right link.


Your slides look great, Carolyn! Thank you for sharing. These’ll help when I try to explain the weekend to my co-workers as well :wink:

Here are my notes from Saturday, part 2:

They’re not too elaborate because soon we’ll have Nash’s presentation as part of the wiki. :woman_shrugging:


This is awesome, Carolyn! Thank you! I may steal it.

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Be my guest to use whatever part of it you’d like!

This is excellent work! Thanks for putting it together, Carolyn.

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Carolyn, this is an amazing summary! Thank you so much for putting together that record of our weekend!

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Thank you! And you’re welcome! I’m glad I had the chance to get my thoughts down before they all flew away.

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We’re happy too!

As an aside, have we gotten the transcription of the sticky notes yet? I want to use them for a program. I’m proposing some panels for my state library conference and want to do the stickies and powermapping!

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Leigh Ann posted the link to the notes on Signal - they’re here:

Nash said that he’d have his notes to us in a week. I’m going to be away until Thursday, so if we don’t see them, I’d encourage others to email him as well!

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I am very interested in Nash’s slides so I would appreciate an alert when they become available as a reminder.

love this summary @CarolynGlauda, thank you!

to everyone else — I have all the links to the notes and presentations for the weekend, and I’m just waiting for Freddy to fix one more wiki issue and I’ll post them all there and then link back here.


Hi all, here are the notes for day 2 of LFI NYC 2019:'19%20Day%202%20Notes.pdf?dl=0

One question, when Mallory said, “Parking lot; bike rack; parking lot,” what did she mean?

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I think she was playing with non-car language to make the same point. If “parking lot” is where you figuratively put an idea that you’re not using at the moment, I guess you can also put that figurative idea on a “bike rack.”

And thanks for these! It’s going to be useful when I plan our next workshop.

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Amazing job Carolyn! Thank you so much for this. And thank you to all the note takers and transcribers – you rock!

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