Surveillance and anxiety

I really felt this piece from Motherboard:

this quote in particular is a theme we’ve come back to again and again in this course:

“The fear and uncertainty generated by surveillance inhibit activity more than any action by the police,” Franco said in a phone interview. “People don’t need to act, arrest you, lock you up and put you in jail. If that threat is there, if you feel you’re being watched, you self-police, and this pushes people out of the public space. It is so hard to operate under those types of conditions.”

to me this article speaks to the necessity of what we’re doing here in LFI, and why I hope you will all continue to make your libraries into safer spaces more resistant to various forms of surveillance. or at least spaces that acknowledge the surveillance problem and validate the feelings of anxiety and unease that our communities feel. if we want any future for free thought, we have to keep fighting this fight.

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