Thinking about threat models: sex workers after SESTA/FOSTA

I was reminded of this video from last year’s DEF CON and so I thought I’d share it all with you. Maggie Mayhem is a former sex worker who gave a talk about the impact of the newish laws SESTA/FOSTA and what it means for the privacy of this population:


This is also on sale on Verso:

I’m also reading this:

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You might already be familiar with the story of the Lusty Lady and how they were able to become the first strip club and peep show to unionize in 1996. Aside from exploitative business practices, one of the issues that the sex workers complained about were one way mirrors which allowed customers to secretly record them while working. A few years after they unionized, employees (sex workers and support staff) formed their own worker-run cooperative. The Lusty Lady closed in 2013. The attached article includes some useful references.

I bring this up, not so much as a privacy issue, but about sex workers and their efforts to create better working conditions for themselves. I’m really interested in seeing your group’s project.


I had heard about the group in passing, but never investigated it further than that, I’ll definitely give your link a read! Thanks for the info!