This app lets you spy on your neighbors through your phone

Gonna log off and ponder how to make this app’s features, in fact, BUGS…

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Debuted in July and billed as the “Uber for eyeballs,” Mole allows users (called “moles”) to connect in the app with “agents,” who stream live locations from their phones with the purpose of giving “people the ability just to see something simple through someone else’s smartphone,” the app’s 42-year-old founder, Avery Pack, told The Post.

The uses of the app run the gamut. Moles might want to take in a favorite city landmark virtually, for instance, or check to see if the nanny is really at the park with their kid. For Pack, it was key that the connection between moles and agents remains anonymous.

I just went down a rabbit hole of trying to figure out who this company is and who funds them. I found the founder, but that’s it – no Crunchbase profile showing their investors.

This is the perfect example of startup jerks pivoting to surveillance just to make an app that will get them bought out for a few million. The founder has a few startups under his belt already. No surprise!

Some particularly creepy highlights of this article

One is Sam Puckowitz, a 19-year-old Manhattan native home for the summer from the University of Chicago. He received a request from a mole to check and see if the statue of Christopher Columbus still stood following the height of the Black Lives Matter protests in June.

Like, maybe this was an innocuous request, but we truly have no idea. Is this app giving the far right an anonymous pipeline into the activities of progressive activists in major cities? The neofascist Proud Boys in my part of the country do not live in Philadelphia – they’re all in the suburbs. Could they get unwitting participants to help doxx us?

I find interesting their terminology choices. It seems like they are banking on the perceived romanticism of espionage with the use of words like moles and agents.

The anonymity between “moles” and “agents” is troubling. You would never know the motives of the person requesting the surveillance. What if it was an abusive spouse with a restraining order against them? What if the moles ask for photos/videos of young children under the pretense that they are a concerned parent?

This would actually make an interesting plot to a SF thriller - our protagonist takes on seemingly innocuous jobs through a gig-work app until they get contacted by an intelligence agency for being a enemy spy because everything they have done has led to some stolen intelligence or assassination. Actually, the 3rd season of West World had something very similar to that with Aaron Paul’s character.


Can I get an ARC for this?