Thoughts and notes from our Cory Doctorow keynote

I’ll add mine later, just making the thread for now!

I would like to know more about the ineffectiveness or targeted ad tech discussion you two were having. I agree that advertisement doesn’t influence as intended but how do we negotiate the effect of something like cambridge analytica. I see it as like direct targeted advertisement doesn’t work as well as they say (you see an ad for a lightbulb brand – but really you’re just going to buy the cheapest one) but when they change what content you digest based on a targeted algorithm that information bubble can really influence you ( when all the news articles popping up in your feed have the headline " why Bolivia is not undergoing a coup") — do you think that interpretation is legitimate?


no I think that’s exactly right Wren. it doesn’t work to sell you the product, but it works in other manipulative and insidious ways, and THAT’S the point. also, it serves to even further commercialize all space. I think the effect of being bombarded with advertising everywhere we go is something that we haven’t ever reckoned with, culturally speaking.

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Alison recommended reading the Attention Merchants by Tim Wu and I think that would go a ways to help you understand the advertising a bit more clearly (not that you don’t already have a good handle on it).

I know I have a penchant for purchasing the cheapest available option, I very much push back against brand loyalty since it’s so insidious, but I think that might not be true the vast majority of people who don’t really have a grasp on the viciousness of advertising.

Edit I think one point that Wu made that sticks with me, is that people in our position (those in the ‘know’) often overestimate our ability to avoid advertisement and that hubris can actually make us more susceptible.