Tor slides from the NYC weekend


Back at work and posting from newly installed Tor browser on my office desktop! So far no problems at all with filters, etc. Can we use this board to discuss any problems we might encounter and troubleshooting?


Yes – if anyone figures out the issue with accessing databases/Primo-ish catalogues, I’d be interested to hear!

can you or someone else briefly describe that issue to me again? I want to bring it to the devs attention.

I’ve been unable to search our library’s Primo (or connect to any databases) using the Tor browser – sometimes I can get to our authentication page, but usually it just won’t go forward at all, or I get an error page like the attached.

Asking within Tor if anyone has any idea what this could mean!

@kellymce I just tried testing Primo in Tor Browser and it seems to be working. Can you try it again and tell me what you see?

also @kellymce can you try clicking noscript and allowing all scripts, and then clicking https everywhere (both should be in top right corner of the browser) and unchecking “enable https everywhere”

I did both of those things and it still seems to be infinitely “connecting.”

I can also check with our tech folks in the library to see if they have ideas for what is going on.

@kellymce, one of the Tor Browser people think it might be that the page is requiring third party cookies, which are totally disabled in TB. can you ask the tech folks if ez-proxy is somehow set up that way? other instances of ez-proxy have worked with Tor.

btw we are about to release Tor Browser 8.0 and it looks totally different: (you can download it in alpha if you’re into doing testing!)