Traveling Internationally

We are going to increasingly see governments requiring travelers to give Customs Agents the password for their devices and accounts when entering the country (even their own country). Here’s an article from the Times about New Zealand’s latest regulation:

Fork Over Passwords or Pay the Price, New Zealand Tells Travelers

Relatedly, since I was just at Tor Meeting, I’ll share some of the basic tips that Tor meeting-goers try to abide by when crossing borders (or even just general travel):

  1. Update your computers and devices before travel

  2. Back up your computers and devices before travel

  3. Take laptops and devices with you everywhere, or secure them in your hotel room safe.

  4. If you have a spare Android device, consider using Haven:
    Haven turns your spare Android device into a remote notification system if any of the device sensors (camera, mic, motion sensors, etc) detect any activity. When activity is detected, it sends you a notification over the internet to another device or via its onion service, along with video and audio recordings during any detected sensor activity. This is very good to use if you’re staying in a place that you don’t trust very strongly, and you need to leave a laptop or other device there.

  5. Use device encryption

  6. Turn your devices off when at risk, especially when about to cross a border.

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