Videos from the HOPE conference

This past weekend I attended the HOPE (Hackers on Planet Earth) conference in NYC. There were lots of talks relevant to the work we’re doing here in LFI, and everything was recorded but it looks like only some of the recordings have been posted so far. So, of those, here are some that I liked that I think you all will enjoy too:

*Online monitoring of the alt-right (presented by Freddy Martinez, who spoke to us last week, and Caroline Sinders, who we will hear from in a few weeks).

*Chelsea Manning onstage interview.

*Trolling, free speech, and the hacking of our media/attention landscape.

*Ask the EFF: the year in digital civil liberties..

Sadly, my talk with Tor is not up yet :frowning:. But I will post it and others as they become available!

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