We have lfi tshirts!

They’re finally here and THEY’RE SO CUTE.

Charcoal grey cotton poly blend with a white screenprinted logo.

Here is a pic with a close up of the logo:

Here is a pic showing the fit of an XS on me:

It fits kinda loose and comfortable. I would say they run true to size/maybe slightly on the large side of men’s classic fit.

I currently have XS through XL. Doing a smaller run of larger sizes based on how many we need, so if you need a size that I don’t have I can get it. I know everyone sent me their sizes ages ago but based on THIS FIT, please message me your size. I have your addresses.

Enamel pins to come!!! Yaaaay!

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by the way, I also have a bunch of the older LFP designs, and I will throw one of these in if you want (sizing is more limited fyi)

these are vintage and will never be made again! in an eye-catching marigold color with a full color logo design! cotton/poly blend but not as nice material as the new ones.

but wait, there’s more! I found a bunch of the grey/pink ones too! these are a cotton/poly/rayon blend and are very soft, with a hot pink logo on a light grey shirt. I think I have XS through L of this one:

folks you’ll never believe it but I just KEEP FINDING TSHIRTS. the last set is a bunch of DuckDuckGo shirts in a similar blend as the new LFP ones. dark navy with a full color logo. medium and large (men’s/classic) only. come and get em!

AHHH all of these are so good! I am still a medium, I’ll take whatever you want to get rid of.

okay great you’re getting one of each lol @kellymce

If you’re dumping them, I can wear an M or L.

@librarianbryan which ones? unless you want all :slight_smile:

Awesome! I recently moved, so I’ll email you my new address. Also, if you’re still unloading shirts, I’ll take a large in whatever you got. =) Thanks!

ALL. I just did a t-shirt purge. (Or whatever you got.)

I’d love a gold one (or any!) in small or medium!

Put me down for a L or XL. Whichever size you have more of to go around, I’m not super picky about fit (and also love a too big tshirt). If you have a spare gray LFP shirt then toss one of those in too!

They look great! Can I have a small one of the new t-shirt? Thanks!

i still have my grey/pink one from the partial day i attended of the unconference, but i’m guessing large for the new LFI one :wink:

@alison, I’m a size small. I have one of the Marigold shirts that I won at an all staff meeting raffle a few years ago!

Medium for grey LFI, and marigold LFP & DuckDuck Go if you have anymore, please :grinning:

okay people, the LFP elves got to work and packed up all the shirts and pins* and I hope to get them out tomorrow! some of you are getting two packages if you asked for more than 2 tshirts because I only had one size envelope. enjoy!!! post selfies!!!

*yesssssssssss, our enamel pins came!!! I stuck one in each package. please keep an eye out for them because they’re only one inch tall and you might lose them! the pin is in a small plastic bag.

Yay! Thanks LFP elves!