[webinars] Privacy Audits at The Library and Racism, Capitalism, and Libraries

Metro Library Council here in NYC is running a Privacy Audits at The Library webinar soon.

Sign up and more event details --> https://metro.org/events/

Privacy Audits at The Library


Looking to understand how your library is protecting the privacy of your patrons? Wondering how you might identify areas for improvement in safeguarding sensitive information?

Join a webinar with Bill Marden (New York Public Library) and Erin Berman (Alameda Country Library) to hear how your library can audit its online and offline records, resources, databases, and more.


Aug 11, 2020 04:00 PM in [Eastern Time (US and Canada)]

Racism, Capitalism, and Libraries


Join April Hathcock, Dave Ghamandi, and Emily Drabinski for a discussion on the connections between racism and capitalism. We’ll discuss the extent to which these concepts are intertwined and, indeed, inextricable. We’ll identify modes of rising up against both these concepts, and detail why we need to dismantle our economic system in order to repair the injustices that are visited upon individuals based on their race, class, and/or gender. And, as always, we’ll look to the library as a locus for working through these issues.

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Thank you so much for sharing this. Are these webinars open to the public and if so, is there a link?

Derp! That would be helpful, huh? Added to post and here. And, yes, Metro’s online events seem to be open beyond its NYC membership for the time being.