Week 10 articles

This Huffpost article has the scariest line in it I think I’ve ever read in my life:

Big Brother, it turned out, was wearing a MAGA cap.

Good lord.

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Did you read the one that talks about the history of AI, Silicon Valley, and eugenics? There are lots of connections between those people and the people talked about in the Californian Ideology piece that we read in week 2. This is a good week for us to get into this question of whether these systems are designed for certain types of control.

I did and I hate it all. Of course they are designed for that. And I don’t even know if all these people felt this way, or if they realized how to capitalize on being a white supremacist and are like, oooh yeah this is good.
Capitalism has collapsed all morals. This was one of the most disturbing articles yet honesty.


When I was reading the article on Clearview, I started wondering how difficult it would be to create a honeypot account loaded with infectious malware disguised as images. So that when the images get scraped by Clearview’s crawlers they inflict some form of data damage or open a backdoor into their systems.
Probably ultimately be a cat and mouse game between the company and the attackers.

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