Week 12 - More on corporate surveillance, scams, and the regulatory environment (or lack thereof)

I gave this lightning at the end of September. I did a lot of research so I plan on expanding it to a full talk for our state conference. The section on “What we can do about it” could really be built out.

Just hit the spacebar to navigate. You can use the arrow keys but the slide order might get discombobulated.

Type s to bring up the speaker view with notes for some semblance of what I said. Those will be a pop-up window that you might have to click-to-OK depending on your browser.

If it’s your jam, the git repo is here: https://github.com/librarianbryan/datamining_. The speaker notes are in the index file tagged <aside class="notes"></aside>.

Feedback appreciated. I’m learning that the minimal slides actually make presentations not very accessible, so I’m thinking about that.


@librarianbryan, I love this, especially your speaker notes and the way you dove into exactly what Spotify collects. That granular example was really helpful. I’d like to borrow some of this, if it’s ok with you.

I hope you don’t mind if I piggyback on this post. I was on a panel discussion last night at the University of New Hampshire about the ethics of big data. The event description was,

This panel discussion will explore the dilemmas that arise when the use of “Big Data” mining and analytic techniques clash with the professional ethics and personal privacy rights. A panel of librarians, educators, and activists will debate the ethical ramifications of the use of personal data for the use of political goals or business profits.

Here’s the presentation I used for my intro. I mostly used it as a repository for things attendees could delve into more deeply afterwards. Here’s the talking points document that I worked from.

how’d the talk go @clobdell?

@alison I think it went well. Two professors brought their classes, there were some public librarians in attendance, and there were really good questions from the audience. I had to go through some serious backwoods VT and NH to get there–at one point the GPS was like, “Turn left on General blah blah blah highway,” and it was a dirt road through the woods. Definitely a generous interpretation of the term highway. But yeah, good experience, and the other panelists were really interesting people.

lol at that anecdote but also really glad to hear that it went well!