Week 14 - Course reflections

Here’s my reflection assignment.


Wow @clobdell you’ve done so much already! I think that everything you’ve listed here could easily form a final project. Maybe it looks like a resource packet for academic libraries with the following:

  • an example privacy policy
  • a resource sheet for domestic violence victims on campus
  • an example curriculum for a basic privacy and security class
  • talking points for panel discussions or public forums
  • something that brings the EdTech/Chromebook stuff to the academic level
  • whatever else inspires you in the rest of this course :slight_smile:


@librarianbryan I’m really sorry to hear about your colleague Heather passing. I think it’s a wonderful idea to continue the work in her honor.

I hope the resources I shared about the Tor relay operation is helpful. Even if you can’t make a big public deal out of a relay, I think it would be interesting and helpful if you’d keep some kind of log of your experiences for like the first six months to a year. I could share it in LFP resources (attributed or anonymously) and it would help other libraries who want to do this but have questions.

Let me know how else I can help.

And this cohort is freaking rad!!! I love yall! :green_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart::orange_heart::heart:

Here is my reflection. I’m feeling rather unfocused but I guess that’s part of the process.

hey @sjbrown, I think this is a great start, and honestly I wouldn’t get too hung up on the idea that your final project needs to have some narrative thread other than being all about privacy. but if you WANT it to be a theme, that’s different. so anyway, that said, I’m happy to get on a call with you and talk through some ideas if you want. I wonder if an interesting synthesis could be some kind of weeklong (or so) programming effort (maybe timed for Choose Privacy Week next year, where you can work on rolling out some new policy, and also have a couple of programmatic efforts that cover the theory/policy stuff (a talk by the local ACLU or some other similar group), a Crytoparty, and maybe something getting public feedback about what privacy technology folks would like to see?

Just spitballing. Let me know if you wanna get on a call and talk through some ideas.

Man, the beginning of term is knocking me flat out! But, here is my delayed reflection.

yeah! who are you thinking for a speaker to accompany the Glass Room Experience (or what kind of speaker? can I help with finding one?)

I like your idea of an evaluative test. I have been trying to think about how to do something like that for this course in general, but it’s a pretty big task. I’ve learned so much too. My feeling is that if we all take away at least 20% then we’re doing pretty great.

Oops. I posted my assignment in GitHub a few weeks ago but forgot to link to it here.


Would love to get your help on this – I don’t actually have a clear sense of what her vision is for this program, but recommendations would be welcome. Someone who would appeal to students, and who can make the connection to why libraries are a site for this work would be great.

I’ll keep chewing over the test – it totally is a big task! I think part of it is the range of types of content – like, I know I have a better handle on the conceptual stuff, compared to the technical stuff.

Sure, let’s schedule a call! I’m 100% okay no theme.

Reflections of how I’m gonna do the dang thang!

“Muddy” is a great category for this!

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totally understand that fear about no one showing up @Rebekah. you might have those classes where only 1-5 people come. but I promise that they will be the most engaged small group you’ve ever had! and besides, it won’t always happen that way. also, there are more passive ways to do interactive privacy education that can generate interest for more traditional instruction (you’re already doing some of these with your newsletter and blog tips!). you’ll no doubt get more ideas about that from the Glass Room Experience, and I am glad you’re following up with some programmatic stuff right after.

good to hear that they’re keeping you in the CCTV conversation. I think that alone could be a very powerful result of LFI – just being on call to the be “privacy person” in the room in given circumstances.

wow, that’s awesome that OPL will train new hires on digital safety!

all of this is exciting stuff! can’t wait to see what you plan for the future.

@kellymce I just wrote to the person at EFF who runs the Electronic Frontier Alliance (EFF’s grassroots network of smaller activist groups across the country) to see if they can put us in touch with folks in your area who might be able to come and speak. The other obvious choice is the ACLU of Oregon, whom I have been in touch with before.

@sjbrown I wrote you back this morning about scheduling some time, but generally I have tons of time open next week.

@mtkinney the “muddiness” depends on how the email is hosted, and then from there it depends on the security of the servers. do you know if it’s hosted by a third party, like google? or are the servers controlled by the college IT (increasingly rare)? and also, let me know if/when you want to check in about your final!

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