week 18: social media surveillance

How do we bring this information into the library? How do we do what Abi talked about, build communities that are knowledgeable about these practices and are able to mitigate some of the harms?

Abi’s presentation was really eye opening especially coming after Janus’ - you can really see that the use of these these applications - and the level of scrutiny applied to some bodies and the associated social media accounts - is wrapped up in racist ‘broken windows’ and gang policing. I did some more reading about the student in East Boston who was deported after a school resource officer’s description of a minor incident ended up in the regional intelligence fusion center. The teen’s social media was scrutinized and he was then labeled 'gang-affiliated’for having blue shoelaces and a Chicago Bulls cap. In the end he was deported to El Salvador. The Superintendent of Schools ultimately resigned. It went just as Abi described!

We’re going to try doing the Facebook data download thing and pair it with short story writing/telling - I’ve made time in late October to do a workshop with some of our teens. I’m interested in doing this myself!

I think that FB privacy awareness programs are great. I’ve been going through my “Ad Preferences” pretty regularly lately out of curiosity & it has been blowing my mind how the things keep popping up between every purge even though I’ve “removed” them & I like/interact with barely anything on FB. Political figures & organizations are popping up constantly despite the fact that I chose to ignore political posts on FB. Last week FB ads seemed to think I was a hardcore GOPer, a month ago it thought I was leftist as all get out AND a GOPer, & now it seems to think I’m a middle of the road democrat. &, for whatever reason, Gwyneth Paltrow CONSTANTLY finds her way back into my “preferences” despite the fact that I have literally blocked her page & GOOP & Juice Beauty. They invest so much effort in trying to peg me & they are still doing such a terrible job.

I’m honestly kinda scared of doing a whole data dump.