Weekend discussion open thread! with recording links!!

Here’s an open thread for our reflections on:

  • Kade Crockford and winning local fights for privacy (recording)

  • Nash and Rory from EFF on powermapping (recording)

  • Mallory Hanora on transformative popular education (recording)

I will share their resources when they send me them!

Stay tuned for another thread update from me about final project work.

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Thank you for the recording links. I apologize I was unable to be there this weekend.


I found power mapping to be very useful, especially as a codified process that can be taught to others who have never thought about the power dynamics that are shaping their particular community. In Georgia (and the South more broadly), the power maps that affect libraries are going to be radically different from one another. Georgia has 62 library systems, and their funding typically comes from local counties, cities, and boards of education at a rate of over 90%. Thus, larger state and federal advocacy would only have a minor effect on the issues that would play into their lives. Much of the direct authority over how libraries operate and respond to things has been devolved to hyper local control in Georgia and outside the declaration of a major disaster, no state figure has any authority to weigh in on how libraries do or don’t operate, the vendors they work with, or anything related to their processes.

I think it’s important to remember that we are all dealing with radically different power and influence ecosystems, and the tools and tactics that are most useful are going to vary widely depending on our situations.

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