Who wants to give a privacy training for teens in Hoboken?

The Hoboken Public Library just wrote to me and asked if LFP could send a speaker there to do a privacy training aimed at teens. They want to do it in August or September and they are offering travel costs and an honorarium (though I don’t know how much).

Anyone interested? Obviously @Maty_C comes to mind as the closest teen librarian, though NYCers like @jefflambert or @jtidal or @michellenitto might find it more convenient.

It seems like the content is fairly open-ended to whatever you’d want to cover. Not sure how long they’re looking for, but I bet that’s negotiable too. If you decide you want to do it I’ll make sure you get all the LFP branded slides and stuff and plenty of stickers!

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I’m very interested!!


Okay, I will put you in touch!

Ah, sorry for the late reply! This sounds cool - if you want a partner or assistant I’d be game time permitting @michellenitto :v:

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