who wants to go to the Color of Surveillance at Georgetown this November?

it’s free: https://www.law.georgetown.edu/privacy-technology-center/events/color-of-surveillance-2019/

I’ll be there. DC people, you in? anyone else kinda nearby wanna come? we might be able to support some travel costs.

the theme this year is surveillance of working people!!


Well, doesn’t that sound flippin’ awesome.

I’m in! This will be an easy ask since I am local but I’ll get the process started with my employer.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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I’ve been approved to attend. I’ll be there!

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I’m definitely interested in going. - if LFI could help support a train ticket I think I could swing getting there.

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ping me with your estimated costs and I will make it happen

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could LFI help a gxl out with a BBY-NYP return train tix for Radical Networks?

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yup! we will do the reimbursements just like with NYC