Who wants to help edit our next IMLS proposal?

I’m working on the preliminary proposal now, and I’d love to have some extra eyes on it, especially since it is much more LFP-community focused than previous proposals.

Essentially, we are asking for IMLS to keep the LFI community of graduates going with year-round support (mostly me organizing us into having regular checkins and doing collaborative work together), having annual meetings for the whole set of graduates, and running some much shorter cohorts (2 months) focused on either programming or library policies/systems, with the lectures taught by LFI grads.

Let me know and I’ll send you the link to our draft. Thank you!

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Alison, if you are still looking for help/volunteers with this process, I’m able.

Hey alison,

Link me the draft. I’m able to do some light copyediting! - happy to put my english lit BA to work.

I’m happy to help, too!

thanks everyone! I did some more work on it and got some feedback from a few of you (thank you!!!) and so here’s the second draft: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RVw83LNXdfACxUBDh3THBuYha8PFvEOulKxudtG7N7Y/edit?usp=sharing

it still needs to be under two pages, and I have a few more small things to incorporate, plus I have to finish the budget. please turn on suggested changes if you have something to add or remove. would love overall thoughts about the proposal, especially since we talked about these ideas in NYC. I wanna make sure I am adequately capturing what you all wanna see next.

thank you!!! <3 <3 <3 <3


Glad to see this moving forward and you are soliciting input from the very community the project serves. Remember I am available for formal counseling for potential drafts up until the date of submission. I just need to receive all draft proposals by September 13. Best wishes and good luck moving forward.


Thank you James! I’ll be sending the draft to you after Howard and I speak about it at the beginning of this coming week.

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Can I steal your basic format for my proposal? I have it pretty solid right now, but I like your framework.

I think I just followed the format that IMLS was asking for but sure!

I’m sending you and @_TJ sample two-page proposals as examples, via email. I strongly suggest using them as models and examples.


I love this proposal! Maybe because I will directly benefit from its funding, but I am excited by what this could mean for the future of this community.

I am not familiar with IMLS reviewing, so I don’t know if this would be helpful, but do you have any numbers to demonstrate the examples you used? For example, 100 percent of the first cohort (or second, now) have presented at a conference, hosted The Glass Room, etc.? That is the only thought I had.


Thank you Ashley! I hear you on adding more specific numbers. I will think of some way to represent how much people have done. Part of the problem is that it can only be two pages!

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stop being so much better at this than me. my proposal looks like crap compared to yours.

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send me your draft I’ll help you!

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Oops, I realize I forgot to come back to this! Looks like you already made changes to your draft from a couple weeks ago. I think it looks great! If I am not too late, the only thing I might add is a line about how the first two cohorts need a forum to continue learning – that new technology and practices make this an every changing field, etc. Probably makes sense in Project Design number 3?

Awesome work!

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thanks Kim!