Who wants to represent LFP on a panel discussion in New Hampshire?

A librarian at the University of New Hampshire in Manchester just contacted me to ask about getting someone from LFP on a panel discussion about Big Data and privacy this September. I don’t have any details about the date other than that it would likely happen on a Tuesday evening. The offer comes with a “modest stipend”.

Anyone wanna do this? The obvious person is @clobdell because of proximity. But whoever does want to do it, I can help you prep and by September you’ll know all the things that will possibly come up. :slight_smile:

btw, I get a lot of requests like these from all over the country (and sometimes internationally!), and I’d like to start offering them to all of you, so if you’re particularly interested in doing conference talks and panels and stuff as an “LFP person”, and getting paid for it a little or at least getting your travel covered, please do let me know.

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@alison It’s about a 2ish hour drive for me, so depending on the date I might be able to do it… if you’re really confident that I’ll know enough by September not to make an ass of myself.


Yes @clobdell, I am very confident about that and also I’ll help you prepare!!! I think panels are a pretty easy way to get started on public speaking around this topic, and by September we’ll have covered a lot more ground plus our speaking training. I have total confidence in you. Let me find out some more about who will be on the panel and what they’re offering and I’ll loop you in.

Can’t wait to hear how this goes @clobdell and @alison !