Zoom and permissions

Quick question, have any of you seen the query from Zoom regarding changing its permissions to access the information from www.google.com? I am not sure I completely understood the implications, I basically said no. I have updated Firefox and I am waiting to see if it pops up again and can read it/explore it more carefully.

I haven’t seen a message like this @lucedeira nor can I find it online when I search. is it still coming up? can you take a screenshot?

I haven’t seen this either but am using the downloaded (not web-based) version.

Will do. I think it popped up when I updated Firefox, will see if I can trig it somehow. I have a Zoom account but for the meetings I have been using their plug in.

These are the two images I captured; my browser is Firefox Quantum, I believe the last update. I hope they provide some clarity.

Super weird. I’ve opened a ticket with Zoom to ask them what this is all about.

Okay so Zoom’s help desk told me that they’re asking for these permissions because it’s required for their calendar scheduler, so that you won’t “double book”. However, this looks to be unique to the browser add-on or whatever is required to use Zoom entirely in the browser, because I never got this permission request using the desktop or mobile app!